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EmployeE Engagement

Change happens most efficiently at the local level – the team.  Consequently, the single-biggest decision a leader makes in their job is who they name as their team-lead e.g. manager.  And, why is this important?  Because ultimately the manager, or more specifically the relationship with the manager, determines the engagement level of those who report to him/her.  Therefore, it is critical that a manager not only understands how to motivate their team, but has the required skills and ability to create an excited, engaged, and productive team capable of successful execution of business goals and objectives.

Program:  5 A's to Advanced Engagement, Performance and Outcome

  • We each have a unique blend of strong, moderate and neutral motivators, or core drivers, that ignite us.
  • By understanding and aligning individual and team motivators with job tasks, the manager has the potential to improve productivity by 20%, lower turnover by 65% and to increase profitability by 21%. 
  • This is about managers confidently assigning and allocating employees and job responsibilities in such a way that success is inevitable – right person/right task/right time.

Our methodology combines lecturette, participatory activities, small and large group discussion and shared learnings.  Participants can expect content-rich handouts that cement their learning and can facilitate the knowledge transfer to their colleagues.


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